The Happenings

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Written by Kareem Fahmy
Directed by Reginald Douglas
Produced by Capital Repertory Theatre

College basketball phenom Khady Salama is about to compete in the NCAA Women’s Championships. But this year’s March Madness coincides with Ramadan, and Khady’s devout mother expects her to fast. No food, no water, no anger, not even on game days. The ambitious Khady sees only one way forward: lie and pretend to follow Ramadan. Little does Khady know her mother will go public with the story of her fast, portraying Khady as a heroine for young Muslim women everywhere. As the championship game draws near, the media spotlight threatens to expose Khady’s deception. Forced to cover her tracks with more lies, Khady gambles with the trust of the people she loves most—her coach, her boyfriend, and her mother—in the name of winning at all costs.

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Written by Kareem Fahmy
Directed by Anna Strasser

"The Living Calendar is a communal map of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re heading.

Every week we will post a video on social media of a brilliant actor performing a one minute monologue created that week by a gifted playwright."

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"The List" by Dan Ciba
Directed by Brittany Mills

From a myriad of people locked in a virtual landscape, these are our stories.  How do you truly connect with someone when we can only be together over the web? From a break-up to a make-up, a dystopian Truth or Dare, an unconditional love between man and whale, a call to arms, and the aftershocks of a silent retreat. Join as we push the emotional impossibilities and explore the undiscovered depth of our screens.

Inspired by a simple prompt:

“write a monologue about the coronavirus that’s not about the coronavirus”

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